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the official distractions website

Welcome to the official Distractions website. We will be aiming to record the history of one of the greatest, but least heralded, of all Manchester beat groups.

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Friday, March 24, 2017


Here's the beautiful deluxe 'Kindly Leave The Stage' and 'Go Dark' package in all its glory:

Top: 'Kindly Leave The Stage' outer sleeve,  'Kindly Leave The Stage' LP, 'Kindly Leave The Stage' outer and inner CD sleeve, 'Kindly Leave The Stage' poster, 'Go Dark' sleeve.

Bottom: 'Go Dark' insert with sleeve notes from Steve Perrin,  'Kindly Leave The Stage' outer sleeve, 'Kindly Leave The Stage' CD, 'Kindly Leave The Stage' postcard, 'Go Dark' 10" mini-LP.

Order quickly, as this is a very limited edition:

'Kindly Leave The Stage':

'The Distractions Go Dark':

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Poster and postcards

The limited edition poster and postcards included with the deluxe edition of The Distractions' final LP, Kindly Leave The Stage, which comes with the 10" mini-LP, The Distractions Go Dark:

Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Distractions: A Few Miles More

Here's a video of A few Miles more, the first track on Kindly Leave The Stage

Incidentally, The Distractions Go Dark, the 10" mini-LP available as part of a very limited edition deluxe edition, includes the first ever release of a lost early Distractions classic, Adrian Wright's Nothing lasts. The mini-LP also features three beautiful acoustic versions of songs recorded at The End of the Pier sessions in June 2011, and two further outtakes from Kindly Leave The Stage.

Kindly Leave The Stage + Go Dark ordering information.

Occultation Recordings have just announced ordering details for their latest batch of releases, including The Distractions' Kindly Leave The Stage. Of most interest to fans will be the very limited (250 only) deluxe version which features the album on 180g LP and CD, plus the 10" The Distractions Go Dark mini-LP with an insert featuring sleeve-notes by Steve Perrin, a poster and a postcard. These are already selling fast. Click here for full details.

We'll post a video of A few Miles more from the album shortly.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Like buses

The third and final album by The Distractions, 'Kindly Leave The Stage', was mooted last summer, and now it's our pleasure to confirm that not only has the test pressing been cut, but the CDs are now manufactured.

'Kindly Leave The Stage' (YMIR7E1050; LP/CD/DL)

A1. A few Miles more 
A2. Last to leave 
A3. Talking to myself 
A4. What the Night does
A5. The Fire 
B1. Wake up and kiss me goodbye 
B2. Nowhere 
B3. The Connection's dropped again 
B4. Tell them I'm not here 
B5. The End of the Pier

If that's not enough, then how about a test pressing of an exclusive mini-LP that will be available with copies of 'Kindly Leave The Stage' from Occultation Recordings and Fishrider Records? 'The Distractions Go Dark' is a 10" mini-LP comprising alternative versions of tracks from the last two albums. This test pressing will be a rarity as it's actually on 12" vinyl. 

'The Distractions Go Dark' (YMIR7E1051; 10" mini-LP available as part of Deluxe package with 'KLTS')

A1. Last to leave (18-string version)
A2. Nothing lasts 
A3. Skin 
B1. Too late to change (acoustic) 
B2. Girl of the Year (acoustic) 
B3. Wise (acoustic)

Ordering details will be announced by Occultation and Fishrider soon...

Sunday, November 27, 2016

New album

Some of the gentlemen linked to the new Distractions album, Kindly Leave The Stage, have revealed a few teasers on the group's final LP.

Occultation Recordings owner and Distractions songwriter and guitarist, Nick Halliwell revealed that the album was mixed, ready for mastering, with a February release date planned:

Then bassist, Arash Torabi, confirmed that the mastering had taken place (and sounded fantastic):

Just last week, Occultation's newest signing, the legendary John Howard, mentioned in this lovely interview that Nick had played him a few of these great new Distractions tracks:

Elsewhere you may have noticed that HiddenMasters have confirmed the release of the Chris Wood Evening Blue set, which brings Parabolically Yours a little step closer...

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Leave you to dream

The Manchester District Music Archive has thrown up yet more fascinating Distractions articles from the City Fun fanzine. Here's the first of a number which deal with the ending of The Distraction Mk I:

Distractions in a dream. (c) City Fun/Manchester District Music Archive.

Leave you to dream

The Distractions have now dismissed their management company. As the band's recent press release states, 'The Distractions have awoken from their rock dream'... 'The Distractions are now self-managing'. The immediate results of this move are a stated intention to gig as much as possible and a single to be released, probably on the Rough Trade label, early next year.

Following the band's departure from Island Records an interesting situation has arisen. Bill Stewart, the A&R man who signed The Distractions and also set up the Grace Jones connection has been sacked. In the meantime the two publicity men, who handled The Distractions while they were on Island, are to continue to work for the band free of charge. If The Distractions mean what they say, their time may yet come.

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